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Order Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with Azonic Direct you are agreeing with these terms & conditions.

Pre-payment is required in full for all first-time orders/clients.
Pre-payment is always required for all telemarketing and email campaigns.

Pre-payment is always required for all campaigns that include non-USA data (ex: Canadian/Mexican names, addresses, emails and/or phones).
A sample marketing piece and/or telemarketing script is required prior to finalizing an order.
Unless negotiated otherwise, rental of a file is for One-Time Use only.
5,000 Record Minimum for all postal mailing campaigns, 5,000 Record Minimum for all telemarketing campaigns, 20,000 Record Minimum for all Email Campaigns, check datacard for specific minimum quantity on each file.

Additional charges may apply. If additional charges apply, you will be notified prior to the file being delivered or campaign being initiated.

Cancellation before the file is delivered will result in a cancellation fee being charged.
For Telemarketing Campaigns, cancellation is not allowed after the file is delivered.

For Email Campaigns, cancellation is not allowed once the campaign had started.
For Postal Mailing Campaigns, cancellation is not allowed after the file is delivered unless proof is provided that the file has not gone through any merge/purge process and/or any other data processing. Cancellation without proof will result in the full invoiced amount being charged.
For Postal Mailing Campaigns that are canceled after the file is delivered with proof the file has not gone through any merge/purge process and/or any other data processing, a cancellation fee and run charges will apply. Cancellation fees and run charges are listed on each datacard.

Payment for an invoice, whether through debit/credit card, check, or bank draft, authorizes us to process the transaction in the amount specified.
Additionally, you agree to accept our terms that the list will be used one time, as specified, and not duplicated, transferred, or retained in any manner or form.

Azonic Direct can not, will not, and does not guarantee the outcome of any individual Postal Mailing Campaign, Telemarketing Campaign, Email Campaign, SMS Campaign, or any other direct marketing campaign that we are associated with.
Azonic Direct guarantees its lists to be above industry standard and guarantees specific accuracy rates.
We will replace data that is below 95% Postal Deliverability, below 85% Landline Phone Connection Rate, and below 80% Cell Phone Connection Rate, upon submission of a Computer Verified Report (CVR). Azonic Direct does not guarantee email address accuracy. Data replacement is not honored on orders with a net name guarantee unless payment is made for the entire file (100%).

Azonic Direct will make every effort to ensure the data criteria meets industry standards on all orders.
The customer understands that Azonic Direct flags and scrubs all lists for Federal Do-Not-Call, and Cell Phones, and that there are separate Federal and State Do Not Call (DNC) lists.
It is, however, the Customers responsibility to ensure that all lists are DNC scrubbed (Federal and State), TCPA compliant, and otherwise compliant.
Azonic Direct does due diligence to ensure that all files are used in the manner set out in the customer Purchase Order. Azonic Direct also takes steps to ensure all files are used in compliance with any and all State and/or Federal Laws regarding direct marketing campaigns. Azonic Direct cannot be held responsible or liable for any illegal use of the marketing lists provided.

Azonic Direct takes steps to ensure that any marketing campaign we are involved with will be optimally effective by not renting names for use within twenty-one (21) days prior to any campaigns mail data, and twenty-one (21) days after any campaigns mail date. If there is ever any issue with conflicting campaign dates, all parties will be notified.
All Sales are Final and all fees paid to Azonic Direct are non-refundable.

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