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Data Services

Keep Your Data Up to Date to Help Ensure the Most Successful Campaign

Regular data maintenance is essential to optimizing your marketing campaigns and making every record count.

Change of Address

Has your data been sitting for a while?
Between 15-20% of individuals in the US move every year.
We will scrub against the NCOA to ensure the highest deliverability.
We also provider DPV with NCOA.

Email Change of Address

Over 30% of the population will change their email address every year.
Stay connected with updating and validating emails.

Enhancing and Appending

Our services include:

  • Phone Appending - Add a phone number, landline or cell phone, to your customer files.

  • Email Appending - Add an email address to your customer file.

  • Privacy Suppression - Make sure your file has removed individuals that have requested to stop receiving solicitations (e.g. DNC, DMA Do Not Mail)

  • Data Appending - Unable to build a complete picture of your customers? We can help your fill in the missing pieces.

  • Reverse Appending - Add names, addresses and email addresses to phone numbers you have.

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