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Is email marketing going to die?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

By Luke Radick

With the new Mail Privacy Protection that Apple is including in iOS 15, this will make tracking email campaign statistics substantially harder. When Apple allowed users to opt-out of tracking in iOS 14.5 an astounding 96% of users decided they did not want companies and their apps tracking them.

Currently iOS is on 53% of mobile phones in the United States versus 46% that run Android. If the opt-out numbers for email tracking remain the same, that will mean over 50% of the mobile market will no longer provide accurate email tracking statistics.

What can be done about this part of the market no longer providing reliable data?

Direct Mail!

  • Direct Mail has always been a solid platform for reaching specific audiences.

  • Direct mail has a much higher open rate than even the best email campaigns. Some statistics state as high as a 70% open rate.

  • Response rates can be over 500% better than other digital marketing channels, combined.

  • A piece of mail will never get stuck in a spam filter.

  • While some people make new email addresses because they receive too much spam, no one moves because of direct mail.

  • While the average person receives well over 100 emails per day, the amount of direct mail has been decreasing dramatically over the past decade. With less mail in the mail box each day, your mail piece will stand out.

  • The USPS states that in 2015 80 Billion pieces of Marketing Mail were sent, that dropped to 64 Billion in 2020, even though the population increased by 11 Million people.

Contact on of our List Managers or Account Executives today to see how we can help.

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