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Direct Mail Trends for 2022

By Luke Radick

As the year progresses and we get into the spring mailing campaigns, lets take a look at the latest trends in direct mail.

Multi-Channel / Omni-Channel/ Digital Entanglement/Digital Integration

One trend that is gaining traction is integrating digital with direct mail campaigns. Being able to reach individuals at their mailbox as well as their email can significantly increase your ROI, by as much as 25%. Additionally, personalizing your direct mail can have a similar effect, as recipients are more likely to respond to communications that are specifically tailored to them.

Increased Post Card Size

The USPS First Rate Class Postcard size has increased to 6x9 this year. Allowing larger images and more text on a single postcard is a major advantage for marketers. This change may cause a shift from standard 4x6 postcards to the larger size, so keep an eye out for this trend when planning your campaigns.

QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are scannable barcodes that can be used to direct people to a website, video, or other online content. By adding a QR code to your direct mail campaign, you can provide more information to recipients without taking up valuable space in the mail piece. This allows you to print the images and copy you need to get peoples attention.

Die Cuts, Gatefolds, Oversized Mail, Promo Giftcards

Standing out in a handful of mail is paramount. Using uniquely cut pieces, pieces that open uniquely, pieces that are much larger than the rest, or pieces with a promotional "giftcard" will all help your mail piece stand out. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to see what works best for your company and target market.


With concerns about the environment on the rise, many consumers are looking for sustainable options when making purchases. Direct mail is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of advertising. Coupled with the availability of recycled papers using direct mail can help make your company more sustainable and responsible.

Informed Delivery

With nearly 40 million current Informed Delivery customers, this is one of the largest and fastest growing areas to include ads and target individuals. Informed Delivery is a USPS program that allows customers to view their mail before it arrives at their home. This service can be used to track packages, see what bills are coming, and more. Adding an Informed Delivery ad to your campaign can boost your ROI and get people looking into you quicker.

The trends above are just a few of the many that will be seen in direct mail this year.

With these trends in mind, you can create an effective direct mail campaign that will reach your target audience and generate results.

For more information on how to get started, contact us today!

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