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Data Cards

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Thomas Cullen - List Manager

Allison Fox - List Manager

Johnathan Wallace - List Manager

248 Datacards Under Management 

A Match - Dating Service Subscribers

AD Birthday Masterfile

An Extra Buck - Business Opportunity (Biz Opp) Seekers

An Extra Buck - Gig Workers

An Extra Buck - Survey APP

Avid Travelers with New Luggage

Blue Blood - Aviation Enthusiasts

Blue Blood - Exotic Automobile Owners

Blue Blood - High Dollar Condo Owners​

Blue Blood - High Dollar Homeowners

Blue Blood - Luxury Travelers

Blue Blood - Vacation Property Owners

Blue Blood - Wealthy Renters

Blue Blood - Wine Aficionado

Born To Ride - Motorcycle Owners

Business Today - Decision Makers @ Email Address

Buyer Zone - Cellphone Numbers

Buyer Zone - Impulse Tele-Buyers

Buyer Zone - Multi Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - African-American Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - African-American Online Buyers

Buyer Zone - Asian Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - Asian Online Buyers

Buyer Zone - Eastern-European Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - Eastern-European Online Buyers

Buyer Zone - Hispanic Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - Hispanic Online Buyers

Buyer Zone - Jewish Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - Jewish Online Buyers

Buyer Zone - Middle-Eastern Mail Order Buyers

Buyer Zone - Middle-Eastern Online Buyers

Canadian Business Direct

Christian Connection - Donors by Cause
Christian Connection - Online Buyers
Christian Connection - Mail Order Buyers

Connected - Audiobook Buyers

Connected - Drone (Quadcopter) Owners

Connected - Smart Speaker Owners​​

Connected - Digital Magazine Subscribers

Connected - Home Security Camera Owners

Connected - Smart Accessory Owners

Connected - Smart Thermostat Owners

Connected - Smart TV Owners

Connected - Streaming Accessory (Stick) Owners

Connected - Streaming Music Subscribers

Connected - Streaming Video Subscribers

Connected - Tablet Owners

Continuing Education - Online Education Responders

Credit Watch - Active Credit Seekers

Credit Watch - Canadian Credit Seekers

Credit Watch - Catalog Card Holders 

Credit Watch - Debt Consolidation

Credit Watch - Delinquent Borrowers 

Credit Watch - Good Credit & New Credit

Credit Watch - Hispanic Credit Seekers

Credit Watch - Identity Theft Protection

Credit Watch - Low Credit Loan Applicants

Credit Watch - Mortgage Holders

Credit Watch - New Credit Card Approvals 

Credit Watch - New Credit Card Declines 

Credit Watch - Pay Day Loan Applicants

Credit Watch - Prepaid Debit Card Users

Credit Watch - Secured Card Users 

Credit Watch - Subprime Credit Prospects 

Credit Watch - Underbanked Americans

Digital Currency Investor Prospects

Donor Match - Animal Welfare Donors 

Donor Match - Active Donors with New Credit

Donor Match - Catholic Donors

Donor Match - Children's Charity Donors

Donor Match - Christian Donors

Donor Match - Community Charity Donors

Donor Match - Cultural Donors

Donor Match - Democratic Donors 

Donor Match - Donors to Hispanic Causes

Donor Match - Environmental Donors

Donor Match - Health Care Causes

Donor Match - High Net Worth Donors

Donor Match - Hispanic Donors

Donor Match - Independent Political Donors

Donor Match - International Aid Donors 

Donor Match - Informed Donors

Donor Match - Jewish Donors

Donor Match - Police Donors 

Donor Match - Religious Donors 

Donor Match - Republican Donors 

Donor Match - Veteran's Donors 

Donor Match - Top Dollar Democratic Donors

Donor Match - Top Dollar Republican Donors

Family First - 'Eco Conscious'

Family First - College Bound Kids

Family First - DNA Testing Kit Buyers

Family First - Getting Ready for PreK and Kindergarten

Family First - Grandparents

Family First - Veterans In The Home

Family First - Parents With Children

Family First - Pets At Home

Family First - Pet Care Product Buyers

Family First - Wealthy Hispanic Families

Fresh Living - Home Delivery Grocery Shoppers

Fresh Living - Meal Kit Delivery Subscribers

Game Time - Fantasy Sports

Game Time - MLB 

Game Time - NFL  

Game Time - College Basketball (NCAAM) Fans

Game Time - College Football (NCAAF) Fans

Game Time - NBA

Game Time - NHL Fans

Game Time - Soccer (MLS) Fans

Golden Years - Health and Natural Food Buyers

Golden Years - Fitness Fanatics

Golden Years - Hispanic Seniors

Golden Years - Masterfile

Golden Years - Medical Issues

Golden Years - Online Medicare Responders

Golden Years - Shopping for Grandkids

Golden Years - Travelers

Green Thumb - Gardening Product Buyers

Health Concerns - ADD/ADHD Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Allergy Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Anxiety Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Arthritis Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Bladder Problems 

Health Concerns - Chronic Pain Sufferers 

Health Concerns - COPD Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Depression  Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Dieting & Weight Loss

Health Concerns - Diabetes Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Hearing Problems 

Health Concerns - Heart Disease  Sufferers 

Health Concerns - High Blood Pressure Sufferers 

Health Concerns - High Cholesterol Sufferers 

Health Concerns - IBS Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Impotence Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Insomnia Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Migraine/Headache Sufferers 

Health Concerns - MS Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Obesity Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Osteoporosis 

Health Concerns - Prostate Problems 

Health Concerns - Psoriasis 

Health Concerns - Spinal Injury  Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Ulcerative Colitis Sufferers 

Health Concerns - Vision Problems 

High Dollar Collectors

High Dollar Investors

Home Business Owners

Homeowners - Jumbo Loans

Homeowners - Non-Prime (Subprime) Loans

    Homeowners - Underwater

    Homeowners - With Swimming Pools

    In Fine Fettle - Active Lifestyle 

    In Fine Fettle - Organic Buyers  

    In Fine Fettle - Supplement Buyers  

    In Fine Fettle - Vegans  

    Licensed to Carry - Firearm Safety Course

    Licensed to Carry - Gun Show Attendees

    Licensed To Carry - Recent Firearm Purchases

    Licensed To Carry - Handgun Owners

    Licensed To Carry - Rifle Owners

    Licensed To Carry - Shotgun Owners

    Millennial Life - Birthdays

    Millennial Life - Donors

    Millennial Life - Low Credit Applicants

    Millennial Life - Online Buyers

    Millennial Life - Married with Kids
    Millennial Life - InstaTravelers

    Millennial Life - New Credit Cards
    Millennial Life - New Homeowners
    Millennial Life - Renters
    Millennial Life - HomeOwners
    Millennial Life - Day Traders
    Millennial Life - Cryptocurrency

    Millennial Life - Student Loan Debt
    Millennial Life - Gamers

    Millennial Life - Environmentally Conscious
    Millennial Life - Medical Issues

    Millennial Life - Membership Store Shoppers

    Modern Man - In The Mail Service

    Modern Man - Low Credit Food Lovers

    Modern Man - Large Size Shoppers
    Modern Man - Cash Strapped Shoppers
    Modern Man - Monthly Man Box Subscribers

    Modern Woman - At Home Buyers

    Modern Woman - Bargain Seekers

    Modern Woman - Beauty Product Buyers

    Modern Woman - Cash-Strapped Shoppers

    Modern Woman - Haute Couture

    Modern Woman - Home Décor

    Modern Woman - Home Gym

    Modern Woman - Low Credit Food Lovers

    Modern Woman - Monthly Beauty Box Subscribers

    Modern Woman - Petite Shoppers

    Modern Woman - Plus Size Shoppers

    New Family - Brides To Be

    New Family - Baby Product Buyers

    New Family - Expecting Mothers

    New Family - New Parents

    New Family - Newlyweds

    New Unemployment Filers

    North Of The Border - Canadian Homeowners

    On The Move - New Home Owners

    On The Move - New Movers

    On The Move - New Phone Connects

    On The Move - PreMovers

    On The Move - Searching For a New Home

    Open Air - Avid Outdoors Enthusiasts

    Open Air - Firearm Enthusiasts

    Open Air - Hunting Enthusiasts

    Open Air - Hunting Product Buyers

    Pampered - Hair, Coloring, & Extensions

    Pampered - Nails

    Pampered - Spa & Salon

    Place A Bet - Online Gamblers

    Place A Bet - Online Poker Players (DE, NJ, NV)

    Place A Bet - Sports Betting

    Place A Bet - Sports Picks Subscribers

    Politically Active - Gun Rights Activists

    Politically Active - Conservative Voters

    Politically Active - Liberal Voters

    Politically Active - Independent Voters

    Power Sports - ATV Owners

    Power Sports - Dirt Bike Owners

    Power Sports - Jet Ski Owners

    Power Sports - Snowmobile Owners

    Real Estate Investors - High Net Worth

    Real Estate Investors - Masterfile

    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Bicycling
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - CrossFit

    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Golf Enthusiasts
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Rowing
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Running
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Skiing
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - SnowBoarding

    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - MMA
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Swimming
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Weightlifting
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Tennis
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Surfing
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Paddleboarding
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Windsurfing
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - SCUBA Diving
    Smart Heart Active Lifestyle - Kayaking

    Super Sweeps - Sweepstakes Entrants

    Travelers with Premium Credit Cards

    The Rural Life - Mail Order Buyers

    The Rural Life - Online Buyers

    US Biz - New US Business

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